Productivity, achieving goals, overcoming obstacles and handling rejection.

Those four concepts in the title of this blog are talked about and experienced regularly in academia and during a PhD. Sometimes these skills are assumed of PhD students, sometimes they’re learnt along the way. But these are some of the most important skills that are not easily taught that you need to complete aContinue reading “Productivity, achieving goals, overcoming obstacles and handling rejection.”

Taking on an international conference… alone!

Thanks to a great scheme at my university (UNSW) I was able to get some funding in 2019 to fly over to Belfast, Northern Ireland, and attend my first international conference- the British Ecological Society’s annual conference for 2019. UNSW has a scheme where every PhD candidate is allocated a generous sum of money toContinue reading “Taking on an international conference… alone!”

My time spent with Sydney wildflowers

A particular aim for one of the chapters of my PhD is to answer the question: Are plants flowering in Sydney earlier than they did in the past, due to warming air temperatures? The fieldwork that I get to undertake for this chapter is really cool! It involves weekly observations of flowering time across 40Continue reading “My time spent with Sydney wildflowers”

[Attempting to] Beat the Second year PhD blues

As I approach the middle of the second year of my PhD I can finally understand what fellow post-grad students around me have been talking about all this time- the dreaded “second year PhD blues” have hit. I have debated whether or not to blog about this idea/my feelings for a little while. However, I’veContinue reading “[Attempting to] Beat the Second year PhD blues”

Oh, the places you’ll go! (when you do a PhD in ecology)

5 months, 5 states/territories, 4434km of flights, 9695km of driving and many hours of bush-bashing to collect a total of more than 50,000 seeds from 38 native species…. …. and I’m done! I have finally finished field work for the first few chapters of my PhD! It has been a tiring but amazing adventure andContinue reading “Oh, the places you’ll go! (when you do a PhD in ecology)”

Kioloa and the importance of undergraduate fieldtrips

In September, I volunteered on a third year field course for five days. The trip was at Kioloa Coastal Field station and was a plant ecology course where students would come up with their own hypotheses and then collect data around the field station to then analyse and write a report on the results. MyContinue reading “Kioloa and the importance of undergraduate fieldtrips”