Productivity, achieving goals, overcoming obstacles and handling rejection.

Those four concepts in the title of this blog are talked about and experienced regularly in academia and during a PhD. Sometimes these skills are assumed of PhD students, sometimes they’re learnt along the way. But these are some of the most important skills that are not easily taught that you need to complete aContinue reading “Productivity, achieving goals, overcoming obstacles and handling rejection.”



In the few years of doing my PhD I have had many opportunities to present my research, both to the scientific community and to the public. I’ve presented at conferences, at university, in schools and even in the 3 minute thesis competition. I have won a few awards that I am so grateful for andContinue reading “Presentations”


Tasmania was the final destination on the long list of fieldwork for my PhD (see my previous post about all my other fieldwork fun here). I had the time of my life in Tassie and wanted to share my travels with you! Here’s what I got up to: Day 1 Let’s fly, Jetstar! After a flightContinue reading “Tasmania”

Muogamarra Nature Reserve

Last Sunday, myself and a group of friends and colleagues from UNSW went on a bushwalk in Muogamarra Nature Reserve. We’ve recently started a new group called the “Botanical, casual, youthful and social group” (N.B. youthfulness is up to the member’s own personal interpretation). We’ve been on a few walks, each one has been fantasticContinue reading “Muogamarra Nature Reserve”

First day of fieldwork!

In March this year, I took a giant leap and commenced a PhD in Biological Science at The Unviersity of New South Wales, Sydney. For many months before this I was weighing up this huge decision of whether to continue with more study. A combination of an excellent supervisor, great project ideas and an increasingContinue reading “First day of fieldwork!”

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